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My Portable Paradise

My son's tiny feet leave footprints in the sand,

washed away by the steady ebb and flow of the water.

I sit back as his father holds his hands,

his feet forming brackets around our baby's.

Inhala. Exhala. Respira.

The salt-speckled air rings through my nostrils,

guiding itself into the depths of my lungs.

I exhale. Half-blinded by the sun

that kisses my skin,

spreading its warmth

throughout my body.

Night falls and we sit before a bonfire

singing songs together,


watching the galaxy above.

Dawn breaks. I am alone

while my world sleeps,

walking along the beach to the forest.

The air is clear.

The birds sing my early morning soundtrack

as I sit amongst the trees

and watch the fish swim along with the current

from the waterfall before me.

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