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The New Normal

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

You know what term I hate the most?

"Welcome to the 'New Normal'."

I've been stuck inside with a baby and no guidance.

And we navigate our World through Zoom.

How is this my new normal?

How is this normal at all?

I live my life through Zoom.

Hermiting the year away.

What even is normal anymore?

Drinking, I guess, spending money, that's okay.

But God forbid a new mother try to socialise with other parents.

Or allow her child a chance for social, emotional, or physical development.

But I can go out as long as I spend money, right?

But who do I pay when I just need to see a face?

Can a newborn suffer post-natal depression?

Or does that kick in when they see that there are more people in this world than their adoring parents?

I just need a hug, I don't want to pay for it.

I'm all sanitised out.

And right now,

My therapist is my best friend.

And I adore my son, really, I do.

But I'm a Black woman who really needs some vitamin D,

Instead of the layer of alcohol the government tells me

is for my own protection.

F*ck my protection,

I am fine.

I'm far too afraid

To go outside.

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