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Brown Eyes

The boy calls out her name.

"Mama, mama!"

She draws a sharp inhale, exhales long and deliberately.

"What is it?!" she wants to yell.

But a tiny hand touches the back of her thigh,

and immediately her heart melts into the pit of her stomach.

She gazes into two deep brown eyes,

too big for the head on which they've grown.

And they stare back at hers,

as if wandering the very depths of her soul,

reaching for the heart she had so willingly, and unwillingly, given

when she birthed a new life.

And his eyes call to her again,

to feel that which she thought she'd lost.

That which was no longer hers.

"But it is," the boy says with his deep brown eyes.

"It is yours, and it is mine. As I am yours and you are mine."

His small hand reaches up to her fingertips.

She wraps her arms around him

and brings his forehead to hers.

A third-eye kiss that binds their souls to one another for eternity.

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