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I hope that one day we can hug again

and not hug because we feel like it,

but hug because we really feel it.

There is an ever-present void in human connection

that plagues our "civilised" Western society.

A void that is crushing us all

as we ache for the touch of another.

I hope we can understand that our world crumbles

when we are forced into isolation.

Yet the Earth screams Her gratitude

She heals Herself at the same time.

I hope we can heal along with Her.

With Her, and those with which we share Her.

I hope that my hope is more than a childish desire.

I hope that my hope is more than a dream.

I hope that my hope is more than a wish.

I hope that more around the world share in my hope,

and we do see the love and empathy continue into the future of our species.


This poem was inspired by the recent reactions to the #BlackLivesMatter protests across the world amid the #Covid19 pandemic.

I watched my son playing in front of me, tears streaming down my face as I wrote because I know that I have the duty of raising someone in a world full of corruption and selfishness, and hope he doesn't get polluted by it.

I have hope that he is a part of a newer, kinder generation. A generation of empathy and compassion for the self and others. I pray that the pain ends with us.

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