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I Wish I Were A Figure Skater

I wish I were a figure skater.

With legs the glide across the ice like a toy boat

in a stream.

With arms that form perfect lines from tip to tip.

I want to jump and land one-footed.

Tilt my head back and stare at the lights,

or through a crowded stadium

with everyone screaming my name,

cheering me on.

I wish to leap through the musical crescendos,

and pirouette above every mark.

I want to float backwards over the surface of my consciousness.

Wrap my leg behind my body, toe to crown

and spin and spin and spin.

until the world feels like it will spin with me.

I want Her to spin with me

so that everyone feels the freedom I feel

when I dance on my glaciated stage.

I think if I were a figure skater,

I might just want to run away.

Run away from the lights,

from the crowds,

from the music urging me on.

For something so beautiful, a silence

is required.

If I were a figure skater,

I would like to climb the highest mountain

I could muster, put on my skates

and move my body

in rhythm of the wind

under the watchful eye

of Mama-moon.

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1 comentário

Chris Cunliffe
Chris Cunliffe
17 de ago. de 2020

Beautiful words!

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