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A Letter of Love

The water sprinkles over your dark skin,

dripping off each of your curves and crevices,

Each line of ink with which you decorate your body,

like a moving canvas, telling the stories of your life in magic,

But the canvas is scratched,

it is bruised and it is torn beneath its surface.

So you walk in sunlight

and hope to cover it up.

But, baby girl,

you are perfection!

You are the sunshine greeting you at your own window.

The scars beneath your skin have already been kissed,

by the sun and the stars since before you were born.


A Virgo constellation has waited all eternity for your first breath.

Don't you know that you are already perfect?

You are already a mystical work of art

put on this Earth to enhance the colours,

the shapes,

around you.

Your presence is an exquisite decoration on the planet,

just as the ink is on your skin.

Recognise your beauty.

Flip your hair amongst the sun and the stars

and bathe your aura in the light of the full moon above you.

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